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Hacienda el Divisadero

Where heritage, tradition and culture meet to offer you

an authentic experience in the world of spirits.

Gold Medal at the Top World Spirit Awards 2021 Edition

Hacienda el Divisadero is much more than a distillery; It is a legacy rooted in the rich tradition of raicilla in Jalisco.


Since 1885, we have kept alive the authenticity and art of artisanal distillation

transmitting from generation to generation the commitment to excellence and respect for nature.


In each bottle of raicilla, you will find the very essence of our history and passion for offering incomparable flavors.

Join us on this journey to the heart of true Mexican raicilla!



Join us in Unexplored, Claro video's exciting program that will take you to the most fascinating corners of Mexico!

In this special episode, we invite you to enter the heart of Hacienda el Divisadero, where history is intertwined with tradition and the authentic flavor of raicilla.


From the agave fields to the still, we will take you on a unique tour where you will learn about each step of the artisanal process that gives life to our beloved drink.

Ancestral Tradition

Learn about our manufacturing processes

HD-Raicilla Bot Azul.jpg

Raicilla Agave Cenizo


100% Ash Agave

Artisanal Raicilla

46% Alcohol

HD-Raicilla Bot Roja2.jpg

Raicilla Silver Special Edition 750 ml

100% Agave Chico Aguiar  

Destilado Artesanal

47% Alcohol

HD-Raicilla Bot Negra2.jpg

Raicilla Agave Amarillo y Verde 750 ml

Agave Verde (Angustifolia) y Amarillo (Rhodacantha)

41% Alcohol


Road to Tuito-Chacala Km.9

The Guasimas.   CP 48400

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