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Always looking for inspiration

Friend, mixologist friend, you who are always looking for inspiration to let your imagination fly and capture the most authentic flavors in each drink to pamper your palate.

With all the love we want to share our favorite drink recipes, obviously the intention behind each drink is to highlight the range of flavors of our raicilla and at the same time fill the glass with delicious contrasts.

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Raicilla Hacienda el Divisadero

Raicilla, a hidden gem among Mexican distillates, is much more than a simple distillate.


With deep roots in the Jalisco region, it carries with it a legacy that goes back generations. Like tequila and mezcal, raicilla is distilled from agave, but this is where the similarities end and the real magic begins.

What distinguishes raicilla, and more specifically ours, is its artisanal production process and its unique flavors. While tequila is dominated by earthy and herbal notes, and mezcal by a distinctive smoky character, raicilla stands out for its smoothness and delicacy.


At our estate, raicilla is made from carefully selected agaves and slowly distilled in traditional copper stills, giving it an incomparable smoothness and a complexity of flavor that is truly unique.

In each sip of Hacienda el Divisadero raicilla, you can appreciate subtle floral notes, with hints of citrus and tropical fruits that give way to a soft and velvety finish.


It is a sensory experience that transports the drinker to sunny lands full of history, capturing the very essence of our region in each distilled drop.

Hacienda el Divisadero's raicilla is more than a drink; is a tribute to the tradition and art of Mexican distillation, a celebration of the cultural and gastronomic richness of Jalisco.


It is an honor to be able to share this hidden gem with those seeking to discover the true treasures of Mexican spirits. Health!

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