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Know our History

Behind every bottle

At Hacienda el Divisadero, every drop of our Raicilla tells a story of tradition and authenticity. From the agave fields to the final distillate, our artisanal process captures the soul of Jalisco at every step.


Learn how our passion and care are intertwined in each bottle, to create an experience that transcends time and palate.

400 años de historia Raicillera


Our flavor journey begins at Hacienda el Divisadero, where raicilla is produced in small batches with the tradition and unique processes of our hacienda.


Each bottle is crafted with meticulous attention to detail to ensure an exceptional experience.

This process allows us to maintain rigorous quality control, thus ensuring exceptional flavor and the highest quality in every drop.


The agaves of Hacienda el Divisadero are grown among the most emblematic landscapes of Jalisco, in the hills that preserve the essence of tradition and authenticity.


At a privileged altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, in the heart of Tuito, Jalisco, our agave pineapples are nourished by a soil rich in minerals and an ideal climate for their ripening.

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Suelo negro
Suelo negro


Our soil is distinguished by its unique composition, enriched with minerals and nutrients that are essential for growing agave. Some of the key minerals present in this soil are iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.


These minerals play a fundamental role in the development and optimal ripening of agave piñas, thus contributing to the quality and distinctive flavor of the raicilla produced at Hacienda el Divisadero.




The agaves used for the production of the raicilla at Hacienda el Divisadero are grown during a growth cycle that can extend from 9 years to 16 years, allowing them to reach their maximum maturity and quality.


During this period, they are given special care to ensure optimal development. When the time for the jima arrives, a meticulous manual selection of the agaves is carried out, evaluating their maturity and sweetness.


This process is carried out agave by agave, ensuring that only agave pineapples are used at their optimal point of ripeness.


This attention to detail from cultivation to harvest guarantees the quality and excellence of the raicilla produced at Hacienda el Divisadero.


We are committed to leading the way towards sustainable production. Our process has been recognized for its authentic and environmentally friendly nature by the Mexican Raicilla Promoter Council.

We are proud to use less water and energy resources, generating less waste compared to other production methods.


In addition, we make the most of the agaves, thus respecting our tradition and taking care of our environment.



Each bottle of Raicilla Hacienda el Divisadero is labeled, signed and numbered by hand, with detailed information about the characteristics of that particular batch, demonstrating our commitment to quality.


The dedication and care required to create each bottle of Raicilla Hacienda el Divisadero can only be achieved by hand.

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